Nur ul Qura’an Academy is envisioned by the compiler and author of Tafseer Nur ul Qura’an in which the author is compiling 9 leading Urdu translations and Tafaseer تفاسیر of the Holy Qura’an.

Basic purpose of the project is to eliminate religious intolerance and impatience from Muslim Ummah and preach patience, harmony, tolerance and to bear the difference of the opinions. This project is also aiming to depict that there are minor differences between various sects of Muslims which should not harm unity of Muslims.

Nur ul Qura’an Academy has been started with same objective of spreading Qura’an’s global and eternal message of unity, tolerance, patience and respecting differences of opinions without hurting the unity of the Ummah.

Our team is trained with no sectarian bias so they will teach Qura’an by staying neutral and they will not teach any sectarian ideologies.

Lets learn Qura’an with its Global perspective as ALLAH SWT bestowed us with this eternal holy book for all nationalities of all times.